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The Boomerang Knitwear

The Knitwear

We have been crafting and reinventing our knitwear since Boomerang’s beginning. Our inspiration for these garments comes from nature and the Scandinavian archipelago – a beautiful place shaped by the blowing winds and the sea. And just as the landscape stands up to time and the environment, so do our sweaters, holding onto their color and fit through many years of love and wear.

Knitwear favorites

We have innovated through the years with new looks and structures, but always stay true to our heritage. We continue to perfect the sailor stripes and iconic cable knits for which we’re known. The materials are beautiful and last for years – soft cashmere, combed cottons, warming wools, and alpaca blends. And our basic knitwear is made of organic cotton – part of our effort to be more sustainable and gentler to the environment.

Drawing inspiration from our past

Our knitwear has evolved since our early days – always with an eye toward quality and finding opportunities to add function and innovation to our garments. But we remain inspired by our original styles when they return through our Boomerang Effect program – proof that our attention to quality results in garments that last.

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