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The Boomerang Down

The Down

Boomerang comes from a part of the world that knows a thing or two about cold weather. Our Scandinavian climate calls for down jackets all year round – a garment that can keep you warm during the colder months, as well as during an early spring sail or a late night summer campfire party. We work continuously to develop our jackets and achieve that perfect balance between function and style.

New and old favorites

Two of our most classic and beloved down jackets – named Alexandra for her and Alex for him – have been around since 1979, but each season they receive an update in fit, materials and details. The result is a well-cut jacket with a modern silhouette that can resist the harsh polar winds. Alex has thermal insulation and a water resistant outer shell that makes it the ideal garment for many different climates and weather conditions. And each season we offer a few new down jackets that make it easy to stay warm – and stylish.

Make it your own

Our ultra-lightweight jackets are one of our biggest successes. So we introduced D/own, a service that allows you to personalize your own reversible ultra-light down jacket. You choose the unique color combinations and can even design the neck loop inside the jacket. It’s a pared-down jacket that looks and feels like you, with all of the clever features we’ve been perfecting for years.

Seasons down favorites

Here is a selection of this seasons down jackets.

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